Raison d'etre

Outlet turned passion.

March 2012. Text from my bestie: can you come over?

Me: is everything OK?

Bestie: no.

Moments later while sitting in her kitchen I learned my best friend had been diagnosed with invasive lobular carcinoma. In layman's terms: breast cancer. During the days, weeks and months that followed I needed an outlet. A safe place where I could yell at the top of my lungs thoughts or sob to no end. A place where I could release my frustrations without personally attacking anyone. It was in those days that my little space in the interwebs was born.

In the weeks and months that followed I discovered the "Cancer Support Team For Dummies" did not exist. This meant there was no process map or work structure breakdown to help guide this a-typer either. I had to figure it all out on my own. It was in those days, weeks and months when I decided to write honestly: to maybe help others going through the same, even if it was just one person. It could be a safe place for those looking to validate their own feelings or needing their own outlet.

Documented in these posts is the rollercoaster ride I took with my bestie as she kicked the sh*t out of cancer. Sadness. Shock. Frustration. Hurt. Guilt. Happiness. Fear. Excitement. Jealousy. Love. Panic. Pride. Relief. Pure, raw emotion. It's all there.

Over time my little space in the interwebs evolved to My Bestie's Boobies +  Other Babble as I discovered I had a lot to say about nothing. My once outlet turned passion.