Thursday, March 7, 2013

Let's Make a Deal

Last spring was the perfect storm. My bestie was diagnosed with invasive lobular carcinoma a few short weeks after her husband started a new job and just prior to one of her daycare providers retiring before the school year was out. Following her surgery on May 25, I took time off to help where I could.

As the kiddos are her number one priority, they became mine too. If you've been following our journey, you'll know that I am *not* a morning person. Not.At.All. I never have been. My need for sleep is so bad that my bestie warned my husband at our wedding (in case he hadn't figured it out 5 years later) not to wake the sleeping bear.

So what does this have to do with kiddos? For weeks I set my needs aside. I awoke (ok, dragged my ass out of bed) before 6:00 am and got dressed (ok, put a hoodie over my PJs) and drove to her house.

In a way it was like moving to a new neighbourhood. Small talk with the new neighbours, getting to know each other. Learning everyone's quirks and twists and who to go for what. One of the gentlemen I met was Ron. We would sometimes be at the bus stop with the kiddos at the same time. At the time I just knew him as "Ron who drives the Kunstadt van."

Fast forward six months. I'm in Kunstadt Sports looking for a balaclava when I run into "Ron who drives the Kunstadt van." And then it hits me: this is Ron Kunstadt who *owns* Kunstadt Sports. Oh sweet geezus - that was the blond moment of day year!

Needless to say Ron and I catch up. He doesn't live on the street anymore so I update him on Dani's progress. All of a sudden it gets busy in the store. I find what I'm looking for and head out.

A couple of weeks later I'm back in the store looking for new skis. Wha?!? Just because I bought new skis in December doesn't mean I can't look! It's one of those stores that you keep going back to because a) the staff are amazing and b) they provide consistently fantastic service. I'm first taken care of by Steve who learns about my ski style and suggests demoing a pair of Elans. Next I see Al who gets me fitted. I'm off to the hill.

Best.Decision.Ever. After my first run in *my* Elan Amphibio Insomnias, I'm in love.  Like literally. Heart breaking love. I ski like I did twenty years ago - hard and fast. Adrenaline pumping. Can't get enough.

Alas, they're only demos and not really mine. At the end of the day I have to give them back. I email & tweet +Kunstadt Sports and let them know how faboosh the skis are.

It's not long before I hear from them: let's make a deal! Eeek!! Are they for real? They're willing to sell me the demos?? I'm so excited. But fack. Roadblock ahead: convincing hubs that I NEED these new skis. After a bit of negotiating and eyelash batting, the deal has been sealed. Yippee!!!!!!

When I pick up *my* new skis "Ron who drives the Kunstadt van" is there. We chat and chat and chat some more. Mainly about my bestie's journey. Cancer does that - it brings people together. It unites people.

So thank you Kunstadt - not just for the skis and amazing service but for being a part of this crazy journey with me. It's warming to know that you're in our corner; and care about your customers. Welcome to my extended Big C family.

"Kunstadt...where everybody knows your name;
And they're always glad you came."


True love
Who says diamonds are a girl's best friend?
New skis requires matching jacket

***This is NOT a sponsored post. I just really love this family owned store - where values and customer service still exist. And everyone is family.

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